Sunday, January 24, 2010

{crumb cake}

Sometimes when I am really stressed out I like to make various bakes goods. This morning it happened to be sour cream crumb cake. This was the second weekend alone with all of the children and the thought of getting everybody to church and then to behave once we arrived seemed like the most daunting task. The kids were already fighting and whining about really important things like who was going to sit in which chair. One "awesome" daughter came over for the fifth time and said, "Mom, Bridger is in the seat that I want to sit in. At that point I didn't know what to say so I just blurted out, "Then just go sit on the floor and eat". "Did I really just say that", I thought.  Trust me though I wanted to say something much worse.  I had finally gotten around to dishing my own serving of crumb cake and wished I could go eat mine outside in peace. Instead I took my own advice and settled for the floor. Funny thing happened after that. Every single one of our moods lightened up and before I knew it I was surrounded by 5 active children who had come to join me. Not the most conventional way of eating crumb cake but it was then & there that my prayers were answered. Mandy walked in the door unannounced to help us get ready for church. She was so amused by the sight of all of us sitting there that she went to get the camera. What I remember most was that we all ended up making it to church in rather chipper moods which is a miracle. You see it was just the day before that I sat in the shower telling my Heavenly Father that I could only do my best. I told him that I would try really hard but that I need a little extra help to make it the rest of the way. Again, my prayers were heard.

As I sat in church and listened to the speaker talk about putting ourselves in a position to not only hear promptings to help those in need and to be an instrument in thy hand but then to be bold enough to act on those promptings, I felt inspired to try even a little bit harder. I can do great things with the Lord on my side...even if they are hard. When it is His will, He always helps to make up the difference. Usually through angels here on this earth.

P.S. - "Awesome" is code for not awesome.  I love that sister always says, "My kids are being so awesome" when they really are being little scoundrels.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sometimes I seriously feel like a blue heeler trying to heard cattle.

Sometimes I think I may be making a spectacle of myself when I try to take all of the kids places by myself.  People are probably thinking, "Lady, you are crazy".

I will never again bring all the kids to Fountain Hills where there are lots of duckys, and a hill to chase the ducks down that leads to a small body of water.  It has taken a full 12 hours to recover from that little trip that I started out thinking that I was such a fun mom.

Perhaps I am CRAZY!

Oh well.  

What am I to do?

Stay home?

Perhaps I will next time:-)

Time is speeding by way too fast.  I'm not too sure I am doing the very best job @ this motherhood thing.  Sometimes I am not very patient and sometimes I do things I said I would never do as a mother.  All I know is I feel such a great responsibility to make sure my kids know the importance of the family unit and how it plays into the role of the great Plan of Salvation.    

As we recently celebrated Maren & Maile's birthday I have reflected on how fast all of this aging business has crept up on our family.  Just yesterday they were born on a snowy Jan. evening and now they are embarking upon elementary school.  Five years old seems so much older than four years old and apparently they seem to think so too because we have had morning talks of what to name Maile's 7 boys and 7 girls when she becomes a mom.  Funny thing, just yesterday she didn't want any kids.  Nonetheless she has settled on the following names thus far:

Purple Lightning
Red Scarf

Good thing we live close to the reservation so that she can find herself a nice Navajo boy...haha! I don't want to think that far into the future.

That same morning as I observed all kids eating breakfast my heart melted.  I turned to Waylon & told him that I wanted to pour choc. syrup all over them so that I can gobble them up.  Without skipping a beat Maile & Maren both said, "Eeew Mom that is disgusting because then you would have to eat blood & bones & eyes"  

Smart cookies I say.

Happy Birthday little girls!