Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Saver

As I sat looking out of the kitchen window while doing the dishes, I couldn't miss the commotion going on in the pool. My pool was beginning to take on an algae green appearance so could it have been a fish who had found it's new pond? I looked closer thinking it was a lizard but then realized it was a big beautiful dragon fly struggling for life. I couldn't help but find the nearest shoes to go aid the struggling creature. Both Maren & Maile followed me outside to investigate. Together we found a bucket, got the little guy out of the pool and quickly drained the water. I thought once the water was gone that he would be able to fly away instantly. As he flipped & fluttered around he struggled to even stay right side up because his wings were still heavy as they were saturated with water. Sure enough he dried out a bit and flew up to the nearest safe spot to catch his breath. Five minutes went by and then he finally just up & flew away.

As we were walking inside Maile said, "Mom you are a good saver". "Thank you, Maile", I said. That was when I thought about our greatest Saver, Jesus Christ. I explained to Maren & Maile who our biggest Saver was & even though we couldn't see Him that He would always be there to save us even when they didn't think so. If they were ever having a hard day or something sad had happened they could go to our Savior. I told them there are going to be times that you will struggle, be weighed down or burdened by sin or maybe flip flop a bit but those would be the times to especially go to Him for strength. I explained that their rescue wouldn't always happen instantaneously but would often happen in a step by step process.  Isn't that is how the Plan of Salvation has been laid out?

They later asked if Heavenly Father created the dragonfly. "Yes" I answered. Maren then said, "Well Heavenly Father must have created the pink bunny that brings me candy". Funny thing though, I associate pink bunnies & candy with Easter another celebration of Him. I think she sort of gets it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

3 + 5 = 8 (two year olds) + another 2 + 2 = 12 or (CRAZY!)

There really are times that I feel like I'm done, that's it I'm out of here.  Then I will think about my awesome friend Rachelle.  From the time we were in jr. high & highschcool I always looked up to her.  We were both on bed rest @ the same time. Sometimes I would talk to her on the phone to see how her contraction monitering was going as we used to have these moniters that had to hook up to us twice daily for an hour.  After the hour was up we would fax the results to the Matria nurses who were there 24 hours a day.  If we contracted more than 6 times we had to re-test for another hour.  If the contractions still persisted then to the hospital we went.  Good times!  Anyway Rachelle always had the best attitute and I thank her for all of her positive energy.  If only that came in a bottle.

Well Rachelle came to visit Arizona so we got all of the kids together.  Rachelle + Christina = octomom.  I know not really something I would like to be compared to but one must keep things light when you have lots of 2 year olds.  We went to Chick-fil-A for our little field trip.  I think the other moms there were bitter because we monopolized all of the highchairs.  I will never forget all of the looks we got.  I over heard somebody say that they thought we were on a daycare field trip, and I guess we kind of were.  I learned that Rachelle really is very organized, structured & is always prepared.  She busted out some shears to cut up the chicken into tiny pieces for all of the babes.  With the help of Mandy (my old nanny), our Moms & Jason (Rachelle's husband) I think it went off as a hit.