Friday, April 15, 2011

I hope you dance


Maren thinks it is an option to either go to first grade or ballet class. I laughed and tried to explain in a very "fun" way that she will get to go to school for about 18 more years. While we were on the subject of extracurricular activities I asked her if she would rather me sign her up for dance class, piano lessons or sports. With a funny little expression in her face she said, "Sspoorts'? "I probably wouldn't want to do that because I might fall down and get hurt." A little silence followed and then she piped back up and noted that I may want her to do sports so that she could get a trophy. I smiled and told her I wanted her to pick what she thought she wanted to do. Of course she went back to ballet because she thought that they would give her candy after class. I think I am just going to go ahead and offer her double the candy if she chooses piano....

I can't wait to see what life brings for that little girl.

On a separate note the girls (mostly Maile) were getting nervous to be recorded saying the Pledge of Allegiance at kindergarten today. The school does this and then gives the videos to the parents when the kids graduate from 6th grade. Anyway trying to ease nerves I told them that we would practice this morning. They did good. It made me think about the time I had to get up in front of 50 people for a group interview and give a small speech without more than a 5 minute notice. What was to follow was one of my most embarrassing moments..."Hi, my name is Christina and I am from America". The thing about is that everyone there was American but possibly at best had driven in from as far as New Mexico or California. I really had meant to say Arizona and not America... I thought I was going to die right there. It was so quiet until I let out a little laugh. Everyone else in the room followed suit. Yah I didn't get my 19 year old dream job. It all worked out though because the next time around when I was offered the job I actually turned it down for a better opportunity. Sometimes it is so hard to see the whole picture and to just keep on getting back up and trying and not being afraid of failing.

I think I am going to go and sing "I hope you dance" to my kids now.

I am a huge fan of my them.