Monday, November 1, 2010


For some reason I have frequently been reflecting back to the day when I found out that I was having three babies and my girls were only 23 months.

Waylon had stepped out to get me something to eat during our very long wait in the doctors office. It was the day we were to find out what that positive pregnancy test was going to reveal..was there one baby..was there two babies. When you use assistance to get pregnant (fertility) then there are certain percentages that come into play. Just a couple months back the doctor had told me that there was a less than 7% chance of having twins again and less than 2% chance of having triplets so I wasn't that worried except for in that deep down part of my soul. The ultra sound technician finally called me back but Waylon had yet to return so I shimmied on back by myself. She very quickly and confidently delivered the news that there were three strong heart beats. At that moment I just wanted to plug my ears and run away. I cried. In fact I cried for a week straight because I didn't think I could ever do this. After much counsel, blessings and prayer I made up my mind that everything was going to be fine & I never looked back. In fact I think it took a month before I could start to tell people because I wanted to make sure I could deliver the news in a happy celebrated it should be. It was amazing to see miracle after miracle unfold, only confirming that this event in my life was intentional.

Well today as I watched those sweet, healthy little boys entertain themselves for hours while catching potato bugs I counted my lucky blessings. I can't believe there was ever a day that I questioned that all three of those boys were meant to be in my home. Heavenly Father knows what he is doing.

Today was a good day. The zoo in the morning and potato bugs in the afternoon. These are my three sons and my three little buddy boys.