Friday, August 14, 2009

3 + 5 = 8 (two year olds) + another 2 + 2 = 12 or (CRAZY!)

There really are times that I feel like I'm done, that's it I'm out of here.  Then I will think about my awesome friend Rachelle.  From the time we were in jr. high & highschcool I always looked up to her.  We were both on bed rest @ the same time. Sometimes I would talk to her on the phone to see how her contraction monitering was going as we used to have these moniters that had to hook up to us twice daily for an hour.  After the hour was up we would fax the results to the Matria nurses who were there 24 hours a day.  If we contracted more than 6 times we had to re-test for another hour.  If the contractions still persisted then to the hospital we went.  Good times!  Anyway Rachelle always had the best attitute and I thank her for all of her positive energy.  If only that came in a bottle.

Well Rachelle came to visit Arizona so we got all of the kids together.  Rachelle + Christina = octomom.  I know not really something I would like to be compared to but one must keep things light when you have lots of 2 year olds.  We went to Chick-fil-A for our little field trip.  I think the other moms there were bitter because we monopolized all of the highchairs.  I will never forget all of the looks we got.  I over heard somebody say that they thought we were on a daycare field trip, and I guess we kind of were.  I learned that Rachelle really is very organized, structured & is always prepared.  She busted out some shears to cut up the chicken into tiny pieces for all of the babes.  With the help of Mandy (my old nanny), our Moms & Jason (Rachelle's husband) I think it went off as a hit. 


  1. that was quite the adventure!! love the last picture and added wording....long live Better Off Dead!!!

  2. OctoMom...I like it. It's really catchy. It sounds like a great title for a new TLC show. And since John and Kate Plus 8 is now over, I think you two would make a great replacement. :)
    Nice photo at the end. I bet you're turning a lot. :)
    By the way, "do you know that street value of this mountain? This is pure snow!"

  3. i think it is so sweet that the very first post of this blog you talk about your inspiration. so fitting for the start of your "family" blog. (just my 2 cents on the subject.) you both are so lucky to have each other. really.

  4. Holy cow, lady... I feel tired when I think of all that you accomplish in a day. I can recall back when I first met you and Rachelle... (not at the same time) and though I didn't really think, "they are going to have multiple babies at once", I absolutely can see that you were prepped to be amazing people.... even then. And yes, Rachelle is ULTRA organized. She always has been. I'd venture to bet that you are too. Somethings just come with requirements. Babies are some of them! :) Sure love it!