Friday, December 18, 2009

{table for two}

Maile kept pointing to her cup this morning and telling Maren that her cup was called clear. Maren kept saying, "my cup is not "Claire". Out of frustration Maile said, "Maren not your friend Claire..ccleeaarr"

The conversations between these two are quite entertaining.

The best was when the girls scurried down onto the floor to reap the rewards of a large shattered candy cane. Without thinking I said, "girls stop picking things up off the floor like little rats. Maren looked up at me and said, " Mom we're not rats we're mouses". Well then, carry on, carry on, I thought. What was I suppose to say to that one except its mice, not mouses. They really put me in place on a daily basis. I mean why did I even have to tell them not to eat the candy cane off the floor when there are many more real problems out there in the world.

They are the best teachers.


  1. Moments like the just make me smile. I think it's so funny when our kids always have such a wonderful reason to do what "they shouldn't".

  2. That's seriously priceless. Thanks for sharing that one. I love those little "mouses". It was so fun to be at the park with them before we left. Maren really modified the rules to Duck-duck-Goose by increasing our running radius to about 1/2 mile. She ran around the whole park before she returned to her seat in the circle. It totally worked too. She wore out the chaser to the point that there was no way she'd be caught. :)

  3. Oh the things that children think and say. If we could only be as fun!!

  4. I agree! I need to think that way more often. Really. What is the problem with a little bit of candy off the floor. There are much bigger worries out there.

  5. I love listening to my girls chat away too..they do say the cutest things! I love your family pics and your location is amazing!! Is that place anywhere in the valley? I love it! And what cute outfits too..seriously outfits add so much to the photo.

  6. That made me laugh.. Little girls are HILARIOUS :) Lucky you!

    P.S. Your family pics are the TOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!