Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I almost got mad but then I just laughed...PHEW!
I hate it when I get mad unnecessarily..I'm really trying hard in that department.

Now if Christian dumps one more pail of water out of the tub I am going to get ticked:-)


  1. Dont you just want to put little cameras on their shirt, and hear what they say, and see it from their perspective, when you aren't around to catch the naughty ideas being formed? Those cute little cutie pies! I wish Noah has 2 brothers that he could fit in the tub with, and get into trouble with. What joy!

  2. That scene occurs all too often at our house too!
    Boys and their shenanigans - sometimes it's a REALLY good thing they are cute and have smiles to melt a momma's heart :-)