Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tender Moments


I need more time. I only have approximately 12 hours a day to do some good for my kids and for some reason that has really hit me hard as of late. That is just not enough time. Just when I think I have learned to slow down enough to fully savor EVERY single moment with my kids I really haven't.

I recently was recounting the time right after the boys were born to a friend. As much as the whole experience is a blur, I still remember the permanent imprint that was left on my heart because of the sweet spirit that was in our home. It is so interesting that in times of trial you can make it through only to come away remembering that it was some of the best parts of life. I can not describe the sweet feeling in out home other than saying it felt like a big protective bubble was placed around our home. It really felt like angels were protecting our home. Yes and some of those angels came in the form of real life people who came to serve out family. I even remember waking one night to hearing sweet Jamie singing ever so softly to my boys as she got through the 2am feeding which often took between 1 and 2 hours to complete. When I finally healed up enough and had the catheter removed 2 months after the boys were born I took over those 2am feedings. I was given so much strength to not only make it through all of the broken up sleep but to really enjoy all of those quiet moments with those heaven sent little miracle babies. I am so grateful for all of the tender moments I was blessed with. I need to recount these moments more often.


  1. Yes you do need to recount those moments. They give you strength and testimony that those sweet Spirits were meant to come to your family no matter the cost. The Lord in his mercy gave you so much help and support. I think those experiences have made you even more compassionate and service oriented. All that you have experience has been for God's glory. I love you sissy!