Sunday, May 29, 2011

creative parenting


Some kids just require I little more creative parenting.
Choney Baloney is just one of those kinds.
I always say that it is a good thing he came so darn cute or else....
Good ol' Choney stuck a little orange bead in his ear. To be quite honest I do not know how long it was in there before he started complaining about his ear bothering him. I finally took a little look to see what was going on and to my dismay could not get the bead to budge that was lodged into the ear canal. Afraid of pushing it in further we devised a plan that included a hose attachment, a juicebox straw and an vacuum. Like the game of Operation, Waylon carefully sucked that bead right out.

P.S. - Christian loves that big blue backpack and hauls his treasures around wherever his non-matching Crocs will take him.


  1. I am dying! Choney baloney?! Bead in the ear? Wow, you are one creative mama or was it Waylon? The shopvac? I think I'm going to have to get Dan to send you a few more Ogio bags for that one. Do you have any creative home remedies for teething?

  2. That's hilarious!

    1.) Where do you come up with those hysterical names?

    2.) How on earth did you get so brilliant? You should be a doctor! Or maybe that was just one of the techniques Way-way observed one of the foot doctors use. :)