Thursday, October 8, 2009


"You know what I mean chili bean", said my cute little girl for the 20th time. 
Why do kids have to be such sponges.  It scares me quite know that whole teaching by example thing.  I didn't think I said the whole chili bean thing THAT often.  What else have I taught her?  I hope it's mostly good because I don't want to fail her.
My little girl is pretty much not a fan of sitting still.  Did she learn that from me too?  No she just came that way as I remembered back to a little 3 lb 10 ounce baby who would never close her eyes.  I used to make late night visits to the NICU after her sissy came home from the hospital.  I remember whispering into her tiny ear to pls. eat & to pls. sleep so that she would grow & then we could bust out of the NICU together.  I actually made up a song called grow.  I think that was the only time when the clock stood still as I would just spend time rocking & starring out of the window @ the snow covered earth.  Time since has managed to fast forward @ a rapid pace & many things have changed but one thing still stays the same & that is my need to look to my biggest example, Jesus Christ who knows how to love in the purest way.  Whenever I am fearful of everything that comes with being a Mom then I will look to Him for He will never fail us.  It's amazing that whenever my heart turns to Him things become simplified.  I still feel overwhelmed about the responsibility that comes with being a Mom but our Brother has already showed us the way we just need to hold onto it & then pass it on.  He is the way.
To this day I still tell little Maile to slow down.  Perhaps it really is me who needs to slow down.  I love my little Maile (mymy girl). I still want you to grow.


  1. I just want to pickle her and put her in a jar so she won't grow!!! She is at such a fun enough but still innocent enough!!

  2. Slowing down definitely has it's benefits. I've been thinking a lot about it recently since I've been forced to slow down. It's a Polyanna moment if you ask me having to find something to be glad about while bound to a couch or bed watching my kids. But I tell ya, it has been a huge blessing too. I see things in my children I don't normally see when I am too busy to notice. Slowing down is a good thing even if the little ones never slow down, we should.