Sunday, September 20, 2009


Sometimes we could all use a boost...

I happened to be very lucky to sit by dear sweet Jamie in the third block of church.  
Funny thing is usually the meeting is referred to as Relief Society & this same dear sweet Jamie brought much relief to me after the triplets were born.  You see I came home from the hospital with a little friend named catheter as my bladder had to be reconstructed after in exploded from getting nicked during the c-section.  Mr. Catheter actually wasn't very nice but seemed to do his job.  He made it very hard for me to get around & take care of 3 brand new babies & a couple of 2 year olds.  He stayed with me for a month & a half & I was not sad to see him leave.  Perhaps this is rude for me to say but even though he was trying to be my friend I didn't want to even be associated with him...especially as friends.  He wasn't very cute, he made people give me funny looks when I went into the public & he sort of hurt.  Not to deviate away from the purpose of why I write but after all they are my memories that go along with all of the times Jamie came over & 2am to take the feeding shift so that I could get some solid sleep.  She would always tell me, "It is very important to get 5 hours of consistent sleep so that your body will heal".  Actually she is a nurse & had to remind me of the 5 hour rule everyday as I struggled to have people come in and give so much to me.  It is hard being on the other end of the service spectrum.  One of the nights I happened to wake up as I heard her singing so softly to those babies in the next room over.  What kind of people come over for almost 2 months in the middle of the night to take care of babies and do it completely unpaid?  That room had never felt so peaceful until my angels here on earth came to truly rescue me all hours of the day.  I love Jamie.  I actually love all of the women from my church who came to serve me...but Jamie has a special place in my heart.  Today my emotions over flowed with gratitude & I will take her example of love & service to the grave & then beyond.  It's safe to say that Jaime continues to give me an extra boost.

Oh and about the above picture.  I love it.  The boys sure have learned to work as a team..whether for good or bad.


  1. Great post. I'm sure she got a boost today from you as you sat by each other. I hope that her heart is healing. She is a special lady.

  2. Well, I'm crying now! Thank you for sharing! I am sure she is the kind of wonderful, that would be bashful, knowing you were singing her praise.

  3. What wonderful angels you have following you around. That picture of the boys is so cute. How nice of them to work together.

  4. Okay, that totally made me cry.

    I always tell me boys that we can be the answer to someone's pray and not even know it. It's so great that Jamie gets to know it!

  5. I loved reading about Jamie in full detail. I remember you mentioning her at the time, but your reflections now on her service are so touching. You have been so blessed.

  6. what a dear post. and what a dear lady. singing to your boys at 2am. sounds heavenly to me.

    about your want-to-be friend...i can't imagine.

  7. I think every now & then we all need angels. Thank goodness there are some here on Earth to help us in those times of need!
    What a sweet woman!
    Oh, the pic of the boys...funny!