Tuesday, September 20, 2011

boys will be boys


When you have boys you have to figure out how to use the big guns or how to speak their language.

Christian rolled around for 30 minutes without his shirt on after I offered repeatedly to help him get dressed. Now we were in danger of being late for school. Then I remembered all of their infatuations with their Dad's big Jeep toy that sits outside and rots. What was a mother to do? That is when I said, "All right boys if you are all dressed then I will take you to Miss Violeta's in the big Jeep. I smiled all the way to the Jeep after I witnessed the results that were happening right before my eyes. This wasn't the first time I'd used this tactic and probably won't be the last I reckon. Two of my older man neighbors got a kick out of watching the sight of us loading up that they had to come and inquire of what the special occasion was to fire up Jeepy. I wonder if they saw me having a hard time getting out of first gear as we jerked back and forth. Sheesh the things we do as mothers.

P.S. - While driving to school, Christian corrected my usage of calling the Jeep a car by saying, "Mom it is not a car it is a truck Jeep". His Dad would be proud.


  1. i'm smiling just at the imagine of the smiles on their faces as they bounced their way to preschool!!

  2. I love your posts! Call me when you have time, still so much to catch up on! Love you :)

  3. How are you not a model with your gorgeous legs and hair?! What a perfect trick to use with boys. Now, to get a Jeep...